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Fundraising and Events

As an independent non-profit organization, virtually all of the AWWA's funds come from gifts and donations raised throughout the year. These funds are raised largely at events organized and hosted by the AWWA.

Photo of 100th Anniversary Gala CommitteeOn Saturday, September 12, 2015, the AWWA celebrated its 100th Anniversary with a Gala at the historic Boston Public Library. Nearly 200 people gathered in the outdoor courtyard under the stars to celebrate 100 years of service by a long history of volunteer Armenian women. The setting was magical.

The program began with AWWA President Brenda Khederian addressing the audience with a brief history of the organization and its accomplishments throughout the last century. She spoke about the founders of the AWWA and about the progression from the Home for the Aged to the Armenian Nursing Home to the present facility, the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (ANRC).

The master of ceremonies, Peter Koutoujian, sheriff of Middlesex County, expressed deep appreciation to the AWWA for the excellence of the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center's care for its residents and the personal experiences of a relative who had lived there.

Karla Fleming, the executive director of the ANRC spoke about the Center's reputation as a leading healthcare provider in the region, and about her 17-year professional association with the ANRC which was recently expanded to include the role of interim Executive Director of the AWWA as it moves forward with confidence into a new century.

Board members JoAnn Janjigian and Annie Youssoufian spoke about their recent trip to Stepanakert, Nagorno Kharabagh, and the poignancy of their meetings with the people served by the Elderly Project of the Hanganak Clinic that is funded by the AWWA.

The special guest for the evening was Eric Bogosian, a celebrated actor, playwright and author, who spoke about the long history of Armenians helping each other during times of need. He also spoke about his recent book, Operation Nemesis: the Assassination Plot that Avenged the Armenian Genocide.

Photo of dining guestsIn 2016, the AWWA will celebrate its 40th Anniversary of hosting the Annual Luncheon/Auction.

Not all events are for the purpose of fundraising. On March of 2012, the AWWA presented  An Evening with Eric Bogosian at the Armenian Cultural Foundation followed by a champagne reception. The AWWA has also worked with other organizations to bring education and entertainment to the community. For instance, In May of 1998, the AWWA joined with the Armenian Assembly to bring the play Nine Armenians, starring Olympia Dukakis, by Leslie Ayvazian to the Emerson Majestic Theater in Boston. On September 19, 2000, the AWWA joined forces with the Armenian Health Alliance, to bring Nune and Djivan in Concert to the Berklee Performance Center.

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With each function, from concept to execution, the energetic women of the AWWA bring their talents and skills together to see that the event runs smoothly and is successful. Right now, event planning is taking place to kick off the AWWA's next 100 years. Join us!

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There are currently no upcoming AWWA events to display.