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Activities Calendar

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Our activity program makes the center a lively place. In addition to many regularly scheduled activities, our residents have the opportunity to participate in special activities featured below.

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December 2018

Date and Time Activity
Sat, 12/1/18: 11:30am Holy Trinity Bazaar
Sun, 12/2/18: 10:30am St. James Sunday school Visits
Mon, 12/3/18: 10:30am Current Events
Mon, 12/3/18: 2:00pm Music by Frank Adam
Tue, 12/4/18: 10:30am Religious service by Rev. Fr. A. Aljalian
Tue, 12/4/18: 2:00pm WHO AM I?
Wed, 12/5/18: 10:30am Music by Alex Holden
Thu, 12/6/18: 2:00pm Travelogue
Fri, 12/7/18: 2:00pm Celebrating Winter Solstice
Sat, 12/8/18: 10:30am St. Stephen's Saturday School visits
Sat, 12/8/18: 2:00pm A.W.W.A. Caroling. Music by Sean Hurley
Mon, 12/10/18: 10:30am Current Events
Tue, 12/11/18: 10:30am Religious service by Rev. Fr. Antranig Baljian
Tue, 12/11/18: 2:00pm Trivia
Tue, 12/11/18: 6:00pm Saxophone by Neal Perry
Wed, 12/12/18: 10:30am Music by Katie Duff
Thu, 12/13/18: 2:00pm Baby Farm Animals donated by family of the Armenian
Fri, 12/14/18: 10:30am Piano by Mark West
Sat, 12/15/18: 2:00pm Music by C.C. Yanakakis
Sun, 12/16/18: 2:00pm Christmas Caroling by AEBC
Mon, 12/17/18: 10:30am Current Events
Mon, 12/17/18: 2:30pm Birthday Party by Jack Giragosian Ensemble
Tue, 12/18/18: 10:30am Religious service by Rev. Fr. Vasken Kouzouian
Tue, 12/18/18: 2:00pm Holiday Music Trivia
Wed, 12/19/18: 10:30am Music by Marianna Wood
Thu, 12/20/18: 2:00pm Residents' Council Meeting
Fri, 12/21/18: 10:30am Religious service by Rev. Fr. Mikael Bassale
Fri, 12/21/18: 2:00pm Music by Jackie & Michele
Mon, 12/24/18: 10:30am Current Events
Mon, 12/24/18: 2:00pm Christmas Party. Music by Ashley Yarnell.
Wed, 12/26/18: 10:30am Music by Sandra Evans on both floors
Thu, 12/27/18: 10:30am Musicdance.edu
Sat, 12/29/18: 3:30pm Jubilee Church volunteers visit
Sun, 12/30/18: 6:00pm Piano by Mark West
Mon, 12/31/18: 10:30am Current Events
Mon, 12/31/18: 2:00pm New Year's Eve Party